Lockwood: The Secure Kit Home

Lockwood: Built for the Harshest Climates on Earth

Investing in a Lockwood timber kit home isn’t just investing in a great house, it’s investing in a secure future. Put plainly, the designing and engineering of a Lockwood outstrips all other home building techniques in terms of durability under climatic pressures.

Lockwood are Engineered to Withstand EarthquakesLockwood Earthquake Resistant

Tested in emulations of up to 7.0 on the Richter scale, a Lockwood is the real deal in earthquake damage resistance. During testing the home came through with barely a scratch, with all windows and utilities in working condition.

In New Zealand’s recent quakes, many home were completely lost, causing devastating damage for families through the region. Lockwood homes stood strong, protecting homeowners, their investment and their loved ones.

Cyclone Protection like no other with Lockwood

Testing of the Lockwood system also indicated that one wall of their specifically engineered walls can withstand 12 tonnes of horizontal pressure from high winds. This durability under pressure makes Lockwood homes among the strongest residential dwellings readily available.

In February 2010, cyclone Pat ripped through the Cook Islands causing damage to 60% of homes on the small island of Rarotonga. Lockwood structures stood firm providing a refuge and in difficult times ahead.

The Lockwood Kit Home System makes Homes Safer

Laminated timber and aluminium profiles are locked together without the use of nails or common fixings, giving strength like no other home design. All planks are pre-drilled for utility installation, so no structural integrity is compromised during the building phase. The Lockwood vertical tie system is a revolutionary design which makes all Lockwood kit homes able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions around the globe.logo2

Lockwood Arrives in Queensland

To find out more about Lockwood homes in the Queensland area, or to enquire about building your own Lockwood kit-home, contact Brian of Allenbuild, the Whitsunday builder who represents Lockwood in the Airlie Beach region.