Top 10 reasons to build not buy

1. Pick your own plan

Every detail can be chosen by you, from the number of bedrooms to the knocker on the front door. Decide what you want, and create a building plan that reflects your dream home.

2. Covered by a warranty

New buildings, fixtures and fittings come with manufacturers warranties, all of which you can take advantage of. Feel secure in the knowledge that if something goes wrong with the building, you know who to call.

3. Pick your builder

Review potential builders and meet up to decide on the right person for the job. You want a trusted advisor, not necessarily a buddy, to help you build your home.

4. Satisfy all the building regulations

Building regulations are updated every few years with the latest in safety and efficiency ideals. Building to the latest specs will get you a more efficient building that reflects industry best practice.

5. More efficient

Technology and systems improves over time, becoming more efficient and offering more features. Take advantage of solar, the latest in water heating systems and the latest in communication.

6. No surprises

You know what you home is made of and there are no surprises lurking in the attic. No asbestos, lead paint or other hazardous materials to think about.

7. It’s new

Everything is clean and brand spanking new. You’re the first in the bath tub and first to cook in the kitchen, and the first to make great memories in your new house.

8. Plan around your family

Only you know how you’ll use the building for years to come. Need extra rooms for regular guests, or need to be able to easily repurpose when the kids move out? No problem, every detail can be accounted for now, and for the future.

9. Resale value

New homes often have a higher resale value because they generally come with less problems and are built to suit the Aussie lifestyle.

10. Pride

There’s nothing quite like the pride you’ll feel when showing people around the home you designed around your family. A new home reflects who you are in the structure, layout and design features, not just the wallpaper.

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