Top Money Saving Tips for New Builds and Renovations

Building a New Home in Airlie Beach?

Read on for our Top Money Saving Tips

Building a new home or undertaking extensive renovations is a costly venture. Without all-encompassing planning expenses can spiral out of control very easily, leaving the owner in financial difficulty and causing a whole heap of stress. Here are some tips on reducing the cost of a new build or renovation, without compromising on build quality.

1. The Plot

money saving tips

If buying a plot of land to build upon consider three things; sharing the plot, purchasing a less desirable location and purchasing a ‘problem plot’.

  • Purchasing a larger plot with a family member then splitting the land can save money and enable buyers to choose their neighbours. Large plots in prime locations may not be available in smaller land sections, so buying with a family member or close friend can open up options and save money.
  • Do not discount ‘problem plots’, such as sloping land, narrow plots or ‘fill-in’ property, these are not so desirable, so can be bought at a lesser price. Always be wary and consult an experienced Airlie Beach builder if buying an awkward plot as construction costs can increase for difficult land.

2. The Materials

There are a few ways to save money on building materials, both during construction and during the life of the building.

  • Use construction materials which are durable and have little maintenance requirements. Although these may cost more initially, the extra outlay will be recouped in the long run. Metal sheet roofing and vinyl siding are good examples of these materials, ask your experienced Airlie Beach home builder for materials to suit your construction plans.
  • Salvaging used materials is a great way to save money on materials; brick, statement wooden doors, even windows can all be re-used and can make a huge difference to the budget projections.

3. The Designhome design

Getting the design of a new home is tricky, but is well worth getting right.

  • When designing a new home it tempting to only think about the here and now, but designing for the future will save costly renovations further down the line. Think about possible future residents, their needs and design requirements and try to accommodate this from the start.
  • Do not design a home to outstrip the neighbourhood; this will constrain the value of the home. Value will be deducted from the home due to the lesser dwellings around it. Similarly, don’t buy a plot in a very affluent area if intending to build a lesser property as you could come into conflict with planners and local residents.
  • Design the home with standard construction components in mind as anything that has to be created bespoke will add cost. For example, roof trusses are commonly manufactured to 32 feet or less in length, so keeps sizes within this to buy off the shelf.
  • Many home builders offer a catalogue of designs to choose from, taking one of these designs and customising it is less expensive than designing from scratch. Take a look at the Lockwood catalogue for inspiration.

4. The Team

Choosing the right builder can make all the difference to the success of a construction project. An experienced builder will cost more than a novice, but the experience of a highly qualified builder is well worth the extra outlay.

  • Experience is the key to getting what you want, when you want it at the agreed price. Always employ an experienced builder for all new home and renovation projects. Check references, qualifications and always follow your gut instinct.
  • Draw up a clear contract which details all the work and materials, do not settle for lesser materials or construction techniques once the contract has been agreed.
  • Do not agree to the commencement of work until you are 100% happy with every aspect of the design, changing your mind is costly.

To discuss a building project in the Whitsunday area, talk to Brian of Allenbuild, the experienced Airlie Beach home builder who will set your construction project on the road to success.