Master Builders

Master Builders QLD is an organisation which speaks out on behalf of the building and construction industry throughout the state. As the voice of over eight thousand members, Master Builders Queensland supports its members, helping them to deliver a quality service to their clients.

Master Builders keep everyone Working Together

Master Builders keep their valued members up to date with all regulation  additions regarding the building industry. From health and safety to sustainability and grievance advice, Master builders are there to help their members, which in turn help people to get the best building services available. Providing quality training courses is paramount at Master Builders, always giving members the opportunity to add to their knowledge and skill sets.

Master Builders in Queensland

As of June 2011 Master Builders QLD supported 3,654 members across the state in the building profession. For figures relating to regional membership spanning all professions, 4% where located in the Whitsunday and Mackay region. Based on these figures, approximately 146 Master Builder members in this region are in the building profession. Although the populations in these areas are comparatively low to the likes of Brisbane, there is plenty of new home construction in this area.


Understanding and following the regulations for Australian home building is essential to a Master Builder member. Regulations have changed over recent years and how homes are rated based on their ability to achieve targets regarding sustainability, energy transfer, access and material selection. One registered Master Builder in the Whitsunday and Mackay region is Allenbuild, a building company with over 35 years of experience in the industry. Allenbuild is the Whitsunday builder who is always up to the minute with new regulation and takes great pride in producing quality homes in the Mackay and Whitsunday area.

Choose a Master Builder for your next Queensland Buildng Project

The Whitsunday region is a beautiful part of Queensland, but one that experiences extremes of climate. Employing a builder who is certified with the leading building association in Australia gives new home builders peace of mind when selecting the right contractor for their project, with the knowledge and experience to construct a home built to last.

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